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Best of Crete - Top 10 of Crete

Crete was the centre of the European civilization since 7000 b.C with the Minoan civilization dominating from 2700 b.C to 1450 b.C  
Knossos  CreteCar Hire Heraklion to visit Knossos. Knossos is biggest and best preserved Minoan Palace. Situated South of Heraklion was the home palace of the legendary king Minos and the location of the mythical Labyrinth where Minos held the Minotaur.
knossos Crete1
The palace was unearthed and restored from the excavations of Sir Arthur Evans in 1900. These findings include also the small palace, the Royal House, the Temple Tomb and a hall with murals.
The Palace is open for the public to visit from 01/06 to 31/10 - 08:00 to 18:00 daily and from 01/11 to 31/05 08:30 – 15:00 with a small admission fee.

Samaria Gorge is a 16 Km route in South West Crete at Chania prefecture. Samaria is among the biggest gorges in Europe with rare flora and fauna.
Samaria Gorge
The route starts from Xyloskala after Omalos Plateau on 1250 height among the White Mountains. The gorge is accessible from the 1st of May till 31st of October when closes for the winter period.
Shoes with hard soles to support the ankle are necessary in this 6-hour journey on the hard rocky ground and a small amount of water that can be filled in one of the many sources that meets the path. The route ends at the Libyan Sea, in Agia Roumeli. Enjoy swimming in the crystal clear waters of Agia Roumeli before taking the boat to Sfakia, where you will have the opportunity to taste traditional specialties before boarding the bus that will take you back to Chania.
Samaria Gorge2
Our advice for visitors with Car Hire Crete is to leave the car at Chania Station take the bus from Chania to Omalos and from Sfakia to Chania. It will be an endless, exhausting day but believe me its worth, and you will have a lifetime experience.

Rent a Car Heraklion, and visit the Archeological Museum of Heraklion which is located in the centre of the city in Xanthoulidou str.
Archeological Museum Of Heraklion
The exhibits cover a period of 5500 years from the Neolithic to the Greco-Roman period.
In pride place among its collections are the unique masterpieces of Minoan art, which can be admired in all its development. The collection of Minoan antiquities is the largest in the world and the museum is justly considered the pre-eminent museum of Minoan civilization.
The museum is open for the public to visit all year long with the opening hours to vary according to period.

Old Town ChaniaChania are situated in the Northwest Crete 170 Km from the capital Heraklion. With the old Venetian Port to be the main attraction thousands of tourists are visiting Chania every year. Take a stroll on the cobbled streets with the traditional fish restaurants, cafes and shops with folk art. Historically, Chania was the first capital of Crete.
Old Town Chania2Car Rental Chania Airport to  visit the archaeological and naval museum in the old city. Walk the narrow cobblestone streets and admire the Venetian buildings, small workshops daggers (machairadika), traditional footwear (stoivanadika) and enjoy a coffee or dining at the quaint cafes and restaurants.
Along the harbor you will see small fishing boats moored, catering daily fresh fish the taverns, and certainly do not miss the opportunity to stroll through the renovated lighthouse on the edge of the harbor.

Lake Kourna
Rent a Car Chania airport And head to Lake Kournas. Lake Kournas is the only natural freshwater lake on the island. Surrounded by lush vegetation and background of the White Mountains, is a unique attraction.
A few miles from Lake Kournas is the village of Argiroupolis This beautiful village is built on the ancient site of Lappa and consists of two parts - the upper and lower village.
ArgiroupoliVisit the waterfalls surrounded with lush vegetation in the lower village, then the Roman necropolis of Lappa, the ruins of Roman baths and the aqueduct in the upper village.

Rent a Car Heraklion Port and spend a day in Lassithi Plateau. Lassithi Plateau is the largest plain in Crete. An area of 25,000 square kilometers surrounded by the Lassithiotika Mountains. Hundreds of white windmills used for irrigation lie as relics of the past and compose landscape of the fertile plateau.
Lasithi Plateau
Lassithi Plateau is the highest inhabited plateau in Greece. A visit to this beautiful mountain region should include stops at villages Krasi with a giant plane tree in the square which is considered to be the oldest tree in Crete with age 2400 years, and in Mohos, where the church of the Virgin Mary has byzantine icons and murals.
Zeus Cave
The impressive Dikteon Andro (Psichro Cave), the mythical birthplace of Zeus, located at an altitude of 1025m, west of the village Psichro. The cave is accessed by a narrow entrance after a 20 minute walk up a steep path, entering the interior of the cave follows a steep descent of 60 meters ending in an underground pool and several rooms with beautiful stalactites and stalagmites.

Rent a Car Heraklion airport For a trip to Anogia and Zoniana. The mountain village Anogia situated at an altitude 700m on the side of Mount Ida in the hinterland of Rethymno Prefecture.
Zoniana Cave
The village Anogia razed by the Germans during the Second World War, and all the men of the village who had not managed to escape were killed in reprisal for partisan fighters.
The village is also known as the birthplace of Nick Xylouris one of the most famous Cretan musicians of all time. He died in 1980 at the age of 43 and became a legend. Every July Anogia organizes Yakinthia, a festival dedicated to music, theater and art.
Do not forget to visit the nearby cave of Zoniana (Sfentoni Cave), which is considered one of the best caves of Crete with amazing stalagmites and stalactites.

Agios Nikolaos
Car Rental Heraklion Airport And live your dream vacation in Agios Nikolaos. Situated in Eastern Crete, 70mm from Heraklion, Agios Nikolaos is the capital of Lassithi Prefecture. The city is built around a beautiful lake, which is connected to the sea by a small canal. Relax in one of the taverns and cafes by the lake and admire the scenery while fishermen are working in their colorful boats.
The city has a cosmopolitan atmosphere and a modern marina that accommodates up to 255 boats and yachts. Shopping in the town is a delight - small shops, crafts and souvenir shops coexist with modern designer jewelry stores. Cafes, snack bars, taverns and restaurants abound in every street corner.
Agios Nikolaos2
The city even has its own beach area next to the center - the beach Kitroplatia. The sandy beach is filled with cafes and taverns. There are also many other beaches along the Gulf of Mirabello.

Just 10 km from Agios Nikolaos is the bay of Elounda. Known for its luxury hotels is the place that wealthy visitors, royalties and celebrities spend their holidays. The picturesque harbor of Elounda still retains its traditional charm, with cafes and restaurants to complement the scene.
Spinalonga (also known as Caledon) is a small island located just off the coast of Elounda and Plaka at the Bay of Mirabello. During 1200 AD the Venetians built huge fortifications on it to guard the entrance to the bay and these fortifications still dominate the north side of the island.
Spinalonga Islet
From 1903 until recently, in 1957, the island of Spinalonga was a leper colony and lepers from all over Greece were sent to it. The suffering of lepers who lived in Spinalonga is immortalized in the book of Victoria Hislop «The Island" that enjoyed huge commercial success.

Today Spinalonga is uninhabited, but can be visited one after a short boat trip from Elounda (30 minutes), Plaka (15 minutes) or Agios Nikolaos (1 hour). Following the path around the island you will pass through the small streets of the deserted ruins with its old stone houses, fortifications, battlements, and of course the cemetery. Wander the cosmopolitan Elounda and historic Spinalonga with Car Hire Heraklion airport

10) Loutro
Loutro Chania
Car Hire Chania Airport, for an unforgettable holiday in Loutro. The small picturesque village Loutro is located in South Crete, between Chora Sfakion and Agia Roumeli. The only way that anyone can visit the Loutro is by boat or on foot as it is isolated which is the main feature.

Loutro Chania2
Arriving by boat at this beautiful blue and white village will experience the tranquility and relaxation with swimming, iced coffee and a relaxing meal at one of the taverns. The main activity at the Bath is to watch the boats coming and going and carrying visitors and supplies to the village.

The village is located in a small cove with pebbles and consists of rooms, small hotels, cafes, restaurants, a few shops and of course a kiosk with cigarettes. Trips to Loutro have 4-5 times daily from Sfakia and the ride is 20 minutes.

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