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Full of astonishing landscapes and continuously changing natural pattern the discovery of the Cretan land “Krissa Gi” among the four seasons gets never boring.  Guests have the opportunity to experience the nature, history and cultural richness of the island, while they can enjoy the high quality tourism services. In the present text we will try to Why Crete and rent a car Crete is the ideal destination.

·       Cretan Climate
Crete has the best climate in the world, with almost 300 days of sunshine each year is the sunniest island in the Mediterranean. The climate of Crete is temperate and is regarded as one of the nicest, mildest and healthiest in Europe. The main factor that configures the Cretan climate is the sea that surrounds the island and reduces the suns intensity during summer. As a result it has warm, dry summers and mild winters. Crete is the ideal place for holidays, relaxation, sports, entertainment and car hire Heraklion airport all year long. Pleasant summer, sweet sunshine in spring and autumn, mild winter (without missing the snowy landscape) cold North winds and warm South are the main characteristics of the Cretan year.

Cretan nutrition is famous all over the world. Sources in Minoan Crete and is an important element of the cultural heritage of the island. Transferred from generation to generation through the housewives of Crete was prevented among the centuries till today and shows us the way to a better quality of life and wellness. According to UN figures no other region of the Mediterranean has had such low levels of mortality as Crete. 

Cretan diet is healthy and tasty and consists of the high quality pure ingredients of the blessed Cretan land. What is the secret of the Cretan nutrition? The answer comes from the fact that Cretans feed with products grown in their own land, they eat plenty of vegetables, herbs, legumes and fruit and flavor food with herbs and plants from the mountains of the island, such as thyme and basil, while almost always accompany the food with wine from local vineyards and extremely tasty bread, traditionally baked. Pride of place has the olive oil which is considered to be the biggest secret of the Cretan diet and the Cretan longevity.

       Cretan Beaches
The coastline of Crete is 1046km long with popular fully organized areas and also isolated scenic and pristine areas. The northern coast consist of large sandy beaches which are affected by the north winds, are easily accessed therefore are the most popular. However the real beauty is hidden in the calm south beaches which are difficult to access.
Visitor can escape in one out of the many organized beaches of the north side with the large touristic resorts. These entire offer guest a large variety of services, comfort and safety such as cafes, bars, restaurants, water sports, lifeguards, and various car hire Crete companies. Most of them are awarded with the EU blue flag because are clean are fully organized.

       Cretan Land
Nature has given the Cretan landscape its best gifts. Monuments standing here, carved in time, recounting events among centuries. The changes in landscape are impressive!!
This island is blessed with an excellent mix of landscapes. Snowy mountains, canyons, caves, hills, valleys, plains, countless citrus trees and olive groves, rivers, lakes, natural and artificial ports and endless kilometers of coastline.
Full of traditional mountain villages, excursions in the Cretan mountains is a unique experience all year long.
The north coast of the island characterized by large bays, many kilometers of beaches and largest natural port of Souda, while the southern coast of the island located in the Libyan Sea has smaller beaches and coves, caves and small ports.
Crete is the land of contrasts and satisfaction where the western side enclosed by olive and citrus trees, alternating with plateaus and the east side with the vast expanse Palms. The beauty of the natural envoroment provides guests motivation to explore the island and discover its treasures regarding art, culture, gastronomy, hospitality, traditions.

       Cretan Hospitality

Cretans are world known for their hospitality and the way that treat guests. Since the first moment they make you feel most welcome by giving guests advises, directions, help and sharing even their goods with visitors. It is most common in a Cretan neighbor for locals to share fresh eggs, fruits, vegetables, homemade food, sweets etc. Locals hold this principle in the same way as the virtue and honor, thus combining ethical values ​​that made ​​both through friendship and through the family.

Crete is among the most popular holiday destinations in Greece. The touristic infrastructure of the island can satisfy all preferences. Accommodation of every possible category from large hotel units and luxury resorts to small family owned apartments and camp sites.

The modern tourist infrastructures, the high quality of the services provided, the friendly highly trained human resources, the unique historical and natural wealth as long as the natural beauty of the island makes Crete a dream destination for millions of people.
Deluxe resorts & spa, well organized hotels of all categories, apartments and agro-tourism guesthouses, rent a car Crete offer modern facilities in combination with traditional Cretan hospitality.

       Cretan Antiquities

Being isolated in South Greece at the crossroads of three continents Crete created and maintained a great local culture while accepted and assimilated various influences from East and West.
Starting from the Neolithic Age, the history of Crete today still forms an integral part in every place you found it.
The ancient Crete with hundreds of archeological sites continues to inspire guest all over the world through the brilliance of museum masterpieces and spiritual monuments. The past of Crete is reflected everywhere and still flourishing, mainly through the delivery, customs, music and poetry.
60 museums and hundreds of archaeological sites compose a historical and archaeological paradise with the Minoan civilization dominating the center and its findings in the Archaeological Museum of Heraklion to show the rich cultural heritage.

Alternative tourism intends to make visitors feel like home, familiarizing with the local values, landscapes, flavors, songs, dance, painting and creating. Alternative tourism refers to those seeking a different kind of vacation, which is connected with the protection of local culture, protection of the natural environment and to avoid the use of services organized mass tourism.
The rich natural and cultural environment of Crete and the perfect combination of mountain and sea have contributed to the creation of structures for sports tourism, agro tourism, ecotourism, cultural, historical, religious tourism, culinary, underwater tourism, winter tourism, conference, speleological tourism, mountaineering, cruise tourism, etc. can come true by a car hire Crete
Free diving along gorgeous bottoms offered by hotels and clubs. The European path E4 Alpine runs almost all the mountains of the island, with trails that offer thrills for nature lovers and hiking.

It is often said that Crete is a whole continent and not just an island! And why disagree with that, when at the same time one can play with the snow in the mountains, someone else can enjoy the sun and sea on a warm beach in the south or to taste wonderful subtropical fruits of the “KRISSA GI”. And all these through a few tens of kilometers distance using a car hire Heraklion airport

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