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Elounda, Crete

Elounda, Crete
elounda crete
Elounda is a small fishing village that became the most cosmopolitan place on Crete through the last 20 years. Luxurious hotels and resorts, small traditional fish taverns and restaurants, and traditional cafes are the main characteristics of Elounda.

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Located in the Northeastern all that Elounda offers to visitor is a quiet and relaxed holiday. The main attraction in Elounda and to be more specific in Plaka is the Island of Spinalonga (Kalidon) which in the past was used as a leper colony. Many books are written about the Spinalonga with "The Island" the bestselling novel by Victoria Hislop to be the most popular one.
 Walk a little bit along the causeway you will ruins inside the water. It is the sunken city of Olous, many people believe that Olous was the mythical Atlantis with the walls of the ancient city to be still visible inside the water.
spinalonga crete

Many people that visited Elounda across the years loved the place so much that bought their own properties, and made their own holiday resort, others decided to make in Elounda their permanent home.
No matter where your accommodation is, rent a car Crete and pay a visit to Elounda, the wonderful landscape, the beautiful unwind beaches, the excellent tourist services and the hospitality of locals will definitely reward you!

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