Friday 27 December 2013

Lasithi Plateau, Crete

Lasithi Plateau
lasithi plateau crete
An area of 25 square kilometers Lasithi Plateau is the biggest valley in Crete and one of the biggest in Greece. Located in prefecture of Lasithi 75 kilometers from the capital Heraklion.
 The mountains surrounding the plateau which is 800m from sea level, a route that reminds of a safari excursion, the 21 villages that are around the valley which have not lost their traditional character and culture this area is a gigantic tourist playground.

crete lasithi plateau
The valley is the most fertile place in Crete where potatoes, all kinds of vegetables and fruit, almonds and much more are grown. Inside the valley there are about 4000 windmills either with stone or metal structure which inhabitants used to pump water from the countless wells that the area has.
The most famous sightseeing in Lasithi Plateau is Diktaion Andron a cave that according to mythology king of gods Zeus was born. Even if anybody can visit the cave whether local or tourist most of the founding's were transferred to the Archeological Museum of Heraklion.

zeus cave
No matter how many times I have been to Lasithi Plateau I am always fascinated of the extraordinary view, the hospitality of the locals and most of all the exceptional food that I every time enjoy in some small traditional tavern of the 21 villages that surround the Plateau. The food that these taverns offer is prepared by ingredients and materials that locals produce and in combination with the local red wine every visit is a unique adventure.
To live this adventure rent a car Crete and head towards Lasithi Plateau.

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